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WW2 7th Bn. Royal Warwickshire Regimental Band 1930s/40s-looking for Drum Major late 1930s


New Member
Hoping someone may be able to help. I am desperately looking for information on Drum-Major Harrison of the 7th Bn. ( Territorial ) HQ Regimental Band. I think he became Drum Major in 1939 but this may be inaccurate. Does anyone have any suggestions about books/ other sources of Reference that might help me find out more detail about him? I am trying to find out his first name so that I might then get hold of an Army number to springboard my family research! Fingers crossed some of you military experts may be able to help with any pointers. Thanks so much in advance.


master brummie
Contact the Royal Warwickshire museum via their website. They might want to check you can have the info as it is less than 100 years but worth a try.