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Ww1 hospital


gone but not forgotten
help needed if possible
i have been able to obtain my gggreat uncles death cert and (will) he did in ww1
on his death cert it says that he died of wounds place of death states france or belguim
and on his( will )it say he died at the 20th hospital .is there anyway i can find out what wounds he died of
he was in the 2nd bat the worcester regiment


master brummie
May not have been battle related at all other than just being there. Exposure, disease, and infections killed more soldiers than anything else in wartime. At least it used to be the case I have read. It all counts.


master brummie
try the CWGC site as this is for all soldiers killed in the wars, if you know his full name you can put it in & you will probably get more info. What was his surname & initials & I will have a look if you like. I have just come back from a trip to the Somme & Ypres which was very good & I learnt a lot that I didn't know. Some soldiers were still having limbs amputated in the late 20s after being in hospital since they were injured between 14 & 18.


gone but not forgotten
hi daverock
i would be gratfull for any help given his name is
NO 14384
2nd battalian worcester reg


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I can't find any info. in the Ancestry military records but CWGC has his death 29/9/1915.
his next of kin E M Orme 59 high street, Princes End Tipton.Albert had married Edith M Ellis late in 1914.
He is buried at Etaples which is not far from Le Touquet, I have been to this cemetery, beautifully kept as they all are.
It is a very large cemetery possibly because Etaples was where many hospitals were set up in WW1,your Albert may have died in one of these.

The 2nd battalion Worcs Regt. fought at the battle of Festubert in 1915 also at Bethune.
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master brummie
Hi Josie
He died on 29-9-15 his grave reference is IV.G.3 & he is buried at Etaples Military Cemetry which is about 27km from Boulogne. If you google Etaples Military cemetry you can find pictures of the cemetry. He did not have his middle name on his stone but that is not unusual.
I hope this helps & let me know if you find out any more.


master brummie
According to "the long trail" website hospital number 20 was in Carniers but I am not sure why he would then be buried in Etaples except the cemetery at Carniers is small and seems to be for Commonwealth casualties.



gone but not forgotten
thank you all for your help appreciated
i was told if i write to war office they might be able to help i dont know if this is possible but if so i will let you know

terry carter

Birmingham Pals


master brummie
Camiers is next to Etaples. Many of the men who died in the base camp or hospital there are buried in the huge Etaples cemetery.

We do not have a War Office - it has long been called the Ministry of Defence - and they do not hold records that will help. You will be wasting a stamp!

And, sad to say, the admissions registers of 20th General Hospital no longer exist. Other than through Albert's service record the only way of finding more about him will be through any newspaper articles or lists you might find, or anything that the family still has.

Given the date of his death, it is highly likely that Albert was mortally wounded in the Battle of Loos. Details at https://www.1914-1918.net/bat13.htm (the bits about 2nd Division near the village of Givenchy are relevant to the 2nd Worcesters).


gone but not forgotten
thank you for the information and the link i will see what i can find in the news papers
thnk you again