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Witton Isolation Hospital burnt down in 1967


master brummie
Looking towards Perry Common in 1938. The Mayfair Cinema has been built and is shaded light brown. The hospital area is shaded light green. Mayfair Passage can be seen and a field (possibly enclosed) is between it and the hospital.
College Road, Hawthorn Road, and Warren Farm Road labelled. A large building lower left by the oval in Warren Farm Road looks like Kingstanding Swimming Baths since demolished.


Brummie babby
In 1967, I was at Greenholm Primary School. We all watched the smoke.
Later, I went to Marsh Hill boys' (Grammar, Technical School). It became just Marsh Hill School when I was in the 4th Year. The Staff Room was in the old boys' school (South building). The Head was in the old girls' school (North building). I can't remember who was in the old boys' school Head's Study, Deputy Head, I think. When it became Josiah Mason College, a link was built between "what used to be the two chemistry labs". At that point, the field behind the two schools was lost, as the access between the two schools no longer existed. There was no way to get to the field behind. Since Josiah Mason College closed, both of our schools have been demolished - sad.
I remember the news of the day (I can't remember whether it was Midlands Today or ATV today - as it was then), "Usually, firemen usually put fires out but, today, they started one."