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Welcome but I am not sure what you want. Are you asking for help finding people on censuses or trying to contact current family members? If census help then we need names and approx dates. If contact then living persons should contact you by private message (envelope next to your avatar) rather than open forum.


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welcome annie...i am moving this thread to the surname interests section of the forum as you may get more response there..i will also alter the title of the thread



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In 1962 there were 95 adult members of the WITHEY family living in Birmingham according to the Electoral Rolls, so not exactly a rarity. If you enter the word WITHEY into the Search box - top right hand corner, it will reveal 7 previous mentions of the name on this Forum. I hope that helps.

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I knew a lady who’s maiden name was Clara Withey. Clara was born in 1901 the eldest of several children. One of her brothers Albert ran a type of animal sanctuary in Knowle Solihull. He had lots of animals including a tiger! There was a sister that lived in Australia but I can’t recall her name.
I hope that this is of some help.