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With Cream please, at Birmingham University

Rick Hughes

New Member
It was probably 1967. Was anybody present in the Great Hall of the University of Birmingham when Cream played to an almost packed house? Eric Clapton was wonderful that night; Jack Bruce was extraordinary and Ginger Baker simply stratospheric with a drum solo which must have lasted 20 minutes! Were you there? Can you remember the date?
1967 in the students union for sure, and I was home from college in Southampton. Went to the concert with my pal Fred Smith. The atmosphere was electric. I remember people fainting and falling over before Cream appeared. The supporting act was billed as Victor Brox, but I doubt he was there, because the band we saw were dressed in pastel coloured bunny suits and played only ska...
Next year I saw Cream again, this time at the Southampton University students union. Disraeli Gears had just been released and they were ten times as loud...

Rick Hughes

New Member
Did some more research, some internal, and I'm still not sure of the location. In my memory it's like a large gym, no seats, and a makeshift stage. The date, per https://www.setlist.fm/stats/concert-map/cream-bd6ad72.html?year=1967 was April 28th 1967. A bit late for Easter break - I wonder what I was doing home.
Whatever, the first chord from "I feel free", which they may have opened with, blew my mind.
The next time I saw them was October 28th of the same year. Their playlist was mostly numbers from Disraeli Gears which was not released until the week after.