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Winter's Morning


master brummie
bewdley, What a beautiful d0berman, I had a similar dog called Sam, unfortunately lost him 2 years ago aged 15. Hope you don.t mind but have downloaded your pic into my 'possible painting'
file. Eric


master brummie
Thank you Eric we think she's beautiful too and don't mind at all that you've downloaded her pic.

She's our 4th Dobe and will be 3 in January.

We also lost our dog Molly 2 years ago; she passed on Oct 31st from aggressive liver cancer aged almost 11 and a dream dog. We hoped we would have her longer; sadly this wasn't to be, but in the short time they were together she managed to pass on her manners to Tally (Tallulah) and we miss her every day as I'm sure you miss your Sam.

Happy New Year. Josie aka bewdley


master brummie
Yes, unfortunately we outlive our dogs (and cats !), I have lost many in my long life (86), it is something you have to accept in having a pet, sad but inevitable. I have a 10 year old Jack Russell (unwanted pet) which I have hade over 2 1/2 years. My Doberman I had from Dog's home along with Anna a German Shepherd also sadly gone and also aged 15. Although I have been painting for 40 years it is only the last 3 years that I have started painting animals and your pic will make a wonderful subject. Eric