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Windows 7 64 - Scanner Problems


master brummie
Hi Everyone,
I recently upgraded to a Windows & PC 64 bit.
Now, my scanner is a Canon Lide 60 which has always served me well, but I have always used Vuescan as my scanning software as I just hated the Scangears thingy with Canon.
Vuescan loads on my new 'puter' but cannot see scanner...................

Canon Scangears / Toolbox software does see the scanner and it can scan, but I find it very fiddly and difficult compared to Vuescan. Canon replied to my inquiry telling me they cannot comment on third party software, and Ed Hamrick from Vuescan itself could not help...

Anyone solve this problem, or do I shell out more for another scanner........ which I hope can run on Vuescan.


master brummie
If you want to use the Vuescan software, then changing the scanner is unlikely to solve the problem. The mismatch is almost certainly between the new 64 bit operating system and Vuescan.
Two possibilities - I am not familiar with Vuescan, but is there a later version that is compatible with 64 bit OS?
You could try loading the software in another Compatability mode -
-Remove the Vuescan installation you have already made and, using Windows Explorer, locate the installation file on the disc (or other program source).
-Right click on it and choose Properties, then click on the Compatability tag.
-Tick the box marked "Run the program in Compatability Mode for :" and choose whichever operating system you last had the software running in.
-Then re-install the program.

This may not work as, although I have used it myself, I don't know whether this will allow 32 bit software to work on a 64 bit OS.
It's worth a try, though.


master brummie
Thank you all, the software starts but I now get the message..

VueScan found a Canon LiDE 60, but this scanner isn't supported on Windows x64. VueScan uses a 32-bit plugin library to talk to the LiDE 60, but Canon only installs a 64-bit version of this library on Windows x64.

Press 'Close' to start using VueScan.


master brummie
I checked out the Vuescan site again recently, and found it has now got an updated version of their software which actually worked, so I can now scan pictures again. Yippee.