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Wimbush Factory Little Green Lane.

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Billy Wimbush

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I all, I am new here but I recently came across something relate to the A.D. Wimbush & Son LTD company and I am wondering if anyone could help to find out more.
A friend of mine living in New York managed to get an old wrist watch with an interesting personalised phrase printed on the case. the phrase states that the watch is gift from the directors of the A.D. Wimbush & Son LTD to such "Mr F.G. Carter" who worked for 25 years with the company. there is a date as well: 1st April 1953. The watch is a "Roamer 17 Jewels". does anyone have any information about who Mr. Carter is?
Ken I think we have the same man,I think George was made redundant Inthe sixties when the agency customers were separated from the Wimbush shop rounds and were on separate vehicles


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Does anyone know if there is any substance to the suggestion that it was the Wimbush business which bought Chadwick Manor when it was sold at auction in 1931? It subsequently became a hotel, which would fit in with the catering side of the company's business. Where did the Wimbush family live in the twenties and thirties?


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AHH yes. as a kid I used to pass this place on my way to my Grans house. The wonderful smell of the place always made me feel hungry.:D
Yes went past the factories where the Morrison’s is now with the trucks waiting to leave their sheds I went on to be a Production Manager at Birmingham Bakery Garretts Green


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The firm was founded by Ambrose Durrant Wimbush b 1865
in 1911 he is at 554 Coventry road Small Heath with his family including his son
Albert Durrant Wimbush who took over running the firm when Ambrose died in 1935.
at the time of Ambrose death his addresses were given as The Bakeries. Small Heath and St Bernards Grange, Lyndon Green.
In 1939 Albert Wimbush b 1893 lived with his family at Packwood Towers ,Solihull which i believe was in Windmill Lane.
He died in 1965 address given as Barn Close, Windmill Lane.


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We had a wimbush shop at the bottom of our road in Great Barr (perrywood road) when ever I smell baking it takes me back to when I was a kid and popping into the shop for our mom to get bread or cakes. The lady who run the shop was called Tilly and at the end of the day would always give you a cake for "after yer dinner " if you were walking past after school


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re wimbushs bakery,,,,i worked as an apprentice bricklayer for r m douglas ltd on the new bakery in green lane circa 1964/5 it was very well built ,,,douglas were a top class building firm ,,,the training i got from them stood me in good stead for working anywhere,,they were the very best,,,,happy days john griffin,


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the family were french... named vimbush.. but changed to wimbush,,,,reference one of their oldest employees,,,1964,,,,jg


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I am surprised to read the French connection to Wimbush bakery family. In 1891, apparently, there were 43 Wimbush families in Warwickshire. Ambrose Durant Wimbush was recorded as a commercial traveller at Southam, Warwickshire in 1901. It was in 1904 that he founded the famous business which became Birmingham's largest bakery. He died in 1935, his son becoming his business successor.
However the Wimbush name, common in the UK and USA, did, it seems, have Norman French origins so maybe that is what was implied.