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Wilson family - Sweet Shop - Boldmere Road


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Hello all.

Completely new here so this may be the wrong section to place this post, but here goes...

My mother used to work in a now closed down care home in Olton, Birmingham (Brookvale Care Home).

Shortly before the care home closed down, she found a rather large photo album at the back of one of the old cupboards.

They were unable to trace the family who it belonged to so she brought it back to do some research and try to find the rightful owner.

With no success, I started to peel some of the photos off to see if there were any names / addresses on the back. Luckily there were but I still can’t find any information.

There are many photo addressed to an Auntie Nellie and Uncle Albert, from a Maxine and a Roger.

Towards the end of the book there were some shop window displays and on the back was the name
Mr A Wilson
371 Boldmere Road, Sutton Coldfield

The photo was entered in to a Mars ‘show and sell’ window contest entry form

Now the name on the photo is a Mr A Wilson but I’m not sure if this Albert as it could of just been a place of work and Mr A Wilson could be the boss of either Albert or Nellie who may of worked there.

Now does anyone remember the sweet shop or now the family who owned it around the time of 1953?

This is the only details I have of trying to trace the ‘Auntie Nellie and Uncle Albert’ who this photo album belongs to so I appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance


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hello josh and welcome...i do hope someone can help you with this as i find it very sad when items belonging to other families are left abandoned...i have got a few such things but so far no one has claimed them..its very good of you to try and trace this family so good luck

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Lady Penelope

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Hello Josh, I moved in quite close to this property in 1969. I remember, at that time, there was a paper shop with a very small man with a high pitched voice sitting at the side of the counter. I don't think there was room to get behind the counter and at this time I don't remember it being a sweet shop. However, my cousin grew up in the road which you can see leading to the left of the properties, Sheffield Road, and I shall ring her later to see what she can remember. Is there any chance you could scan some of the pictures of the shop please?

This is a screenshot of the property now. It would have been on the right hand end of Wish (now a posh hairdressers). This is the grey building with the large shutter.


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Hello everyone

Thank you all for your help and replies

It’s been so difficult trying to trace the owner of this photo album but this is the only bit of information I have unfortunately.

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction to the Wilson family who owned the shop

I will try and upload some photos later tonight once I’m on my laptop

Lady Penelope

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My cousin remembered the shop but couldn't give any more information about the family other than to confirm the name. Apparently she got her frozen Jubblies there. She did say that the Wilson's son took over the shop. I have another person to ask so will keep looking.


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Had a search for marriage of Maxine to Roger (thought that might have been the way to go) and connect that way but with a wide time frame and no certainty that it was local I didn't get very far.

Lady Penelope

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I have tried locating the marriage of Albert and Nellie and have several but no church records that give any information on the Civil ones so far. They may have been Register Office weddings.

Josh, the only thing I have been able to come up with is that I belong to two Local History Research Groups. One is based at Sutton Library and the other is concerned only with South Boldmere (aka Little Boldmere where the Wilson's shop was). This second group is based at Highbury Little Theatre which is closed at the moment but I have contact with some of the members.

Would you be willing to let me have the album please? I could scan it and try to identify some of the places with the help of some of the members. It may also be of great help to piece together the history of this area. I would of course return it to you after scanning.