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William Hutton's History of Birmingham: Proud to be a Brummy


master brummie
I've just sarted reading William Hutton's History of Birmingham. The first history written in 1782 he was from originally from Derby. This is what he says in the preface:
'I have pleasure in calling many of those inhabitants friends, and some of them share my warm affections equally with myself. Birmingham, like a compasionate nurse, not only draws our persons, but our esteem, from the place of our nativity, and fixes it upon herself: I might add, I was hungry, and she fed me; I was thirsty, and she gave me drink, a stranger and she took me in. I approached her with reluctance, because I didn't know her; I shall leave her with reluctance, because I do.'
Isn't that great!


master brummie
It's a long time since I started this thread. I had just got an 1819 copy of Hutton's book. Well this Christmas my wife bought me an 1835 edition which includes the Life of William Hutton. Happy Days


gone but not forgotten
If you want a good boo to read about brum ; there is anothr one ;
written by john dalton ; its called title of the book and its about life in brum and his exoperiences of living in brum
and the characters and its names places like varna rd as it was and the characters and some parts of his life ;
good read i think so ; because like most of you you will reall some of these parts of brum and how it was years ago with crooks and pips he his refleting i think
of some part of his life ; the book is called [ the city trap ] by john dalton his self its a paper book version ; i picked it last week ;
good read folks ; best wishes for 2012 ; astonian