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William Cowper Street School


master brummie
Hello Alf, sadly Stan died in the early nineties of cancer, his brothers Arthur and Ronnie are still around, Arthur lives in Blackpool. I think most of my relatives went to Cowper St school. What years were you there? Margaret


master brummie
Hi Alf my wife Maureen Freer WENT TO Cowper st from 1945 TO 1951 she certainly remembers Miss Short she broke a ruler on the back of her legs for saying "IT WASNT ME TALKING" (how times have changed) also the May O'Brien is her fathers step sister she would love to see the photo Alf Tom


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Hi Tom when I can find it on the Forum if its still there otherwise I'll re-post it. Tell the Wife I paid Miss Short a visit around 1969 she lived in a Chocolate Box Cottage between Worcester & Ross-on-Wye and we had Tea & Cakes sitting in her beautiful Garden, she also remembered me. Mind you Mom was a Dinner lady at the time I was there 1941 & early 1947
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Re: Wm Cowper

i too went to cowper st my first teacher was mr jones then mr ellison then mrs burton then finally mrs chantlerb the head was mr powell.i was ther 1959 till1963

Reg Cook

Hiya Mossg. That block of flats behind the school is almost!! on top of our old back-to-back in Milton Street.
I also went to cowper st school, but left 1958/9 Ihave a school photo about 1957? but i don,t seem to be able to put it on .I Was born in ormand st,then we moved to Paddington St.


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hi topsy...that a great school pic..its lovely to find someone else who lived in paddington st and as we already know we were both living there at the same time...here is another pic of the school before the flat was built..



Anyone out there who went to Cowper Street School 1941/47.
Headteacher Mr Powell, Mr Jones, Miss Short, Miss Annie?
I have a School Play Photo 1946 with Albert Wayne and Derek Smith whos parents ran a shop in Asylum Road and Miss Hammond. :?:
hi Alf
i went to this School from infants to juniors , 1951 to 1957 same teachers who i remember well especially Mr Powell and Mrs Burton ( 3a)
Albert Clayton
Sydney, Australia.


Went to Cowper Street from 1949 to 1952, then onto that great old school Summer Lane.I lived next door to Cowper street school and to my abiding shame was one of the kids who nearly wrecked the place during one summer holiday. Me and my mate Alec Moss would climb on to the top of the roof and shoot ball bearings into Ormond and Cowper street. My wife Sheila Gibbons lived in a back to back opposite the school, up the yard by the gas light, this gas light was great when we started smoking. I have got a photo taken from by my wifes old house that shows part of the school. When you look at the schooling then and try to compare it with the rubbish nowadays, we factory fodder would all have been geniuses. Graham Twist.
hi Graham
i sort of remember your name and your sister Yvonne Twist ?.....i seem to recall you lived behind the chemist shop ?....i went to cowper but a while after you ( 51 to 57) My sister Betty ( kathleen Clayton) and brother Ronnie Clayton were at the school at about the same time as yourself, i think my brother actually went out with your sister much later ?
i have conducted some genealogy searches and we have Twists in our family in Birmingham back in the late 1700's to early 1800's ..........Anne Twist , married Joseph Maddox in 1824 in Birmingham, Joseph was my gggg/f later they lived at Doe street near what is now Steelhouse lane, he was a Wheelwright and in 1841 lived 3 houses from the famous Cadbury founder.
All the best
Albert Clayton
Sydneyl, Australia


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Hi everybody
I have 3 photos of Cowper Street school that belonged to my Mother (she died in 2005) dated September 1949- February 1950 (Class 2), February - July 1950 (also class 2) and February 1951 (class 4). The July 1951 one has the names of the children written on the back in faint pencil. The September 1949 one was my mother's first teaching job - her name at that time was Wright.
I have been racking my brains trying to decide what to do with the pictures and it suddenly occurred to me that I might find a forum or 2 online who might like to have the photos - so here I am - would anybody like the 3 photos? I will be more than happy to post them to anybody who would like to have them.


Watch this space - I now have the photos and they are scanned in ready to upload so a big thank you to Jane.

John Young

master brummie
Adding my Thanks to Jane1960,

As an ex-Cowper Street School pupil ( a little later in the 1960,s) I will be delighted to see these photos,
I know there are some 1950,s era ex Pupils on this site (Alf,s one for sure) who will also enjoy them.
Jane ,,,Loving respect to your Mom,,& thanks again for your thoughtfulness on her behalf,,,, John