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William Clayton and Mary Ann Badger


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I have been on Ancestry and found alot of information from 1881 1891, 1901, & 1911 Census, along with marriage and birth certificate for them, but what I am having trouble with is whether they were actually related to any of the gypsies.

It appears they were but there is so many family trees with conflicting information. I have all the pertainent information on their children but having a hard time with their ancestors!! There are so many Claytons in Birmingham area!

Any help would be appreciated.



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Can't trace William Clayton prior to 1881 with any certainty.

I see they don't marry straight away and he lists his father as William but even that doesn't really help. Who were the witnesses and what was his father's job. He also seems to list his place of birth as Horsley, Warwickshire in 1901 and 1911 and as I don't think there's such a place not sure what it's supposed to be.

Mary Ann Badger is easier to trace, the daughter of John Badger and Rebecca Goodfellow, though there doesn't appear to be a marriage registered for them. Rebecca is also listed as Rhoda and Rosanna at times, the daughter of Eli Goodfellow and Elizabeth Gamble. John Badger unfortunately is another that can't be traced with any certainty.


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I think it might be Allesley - as there is a baptism but the dob is 1848. That William is definitely of gypsy stock as his Father's occupation is "gypsy on travel".
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I saw that on familysearch but discounted it because there was a family tree with a lot of conflicting info, including listing his birth place as Thirsk.

However, I think you're right now. It appears an older sister of William jnr, Louisa, also married a Badger, Edward, possibly Mary's uncle. George, a son of Edward and Louisa, is living with William snr and Tracy Ann in 1891. William s listed as a Hawker.

Also Edward and Louisa's daughter, Tracy/Theresa (Clark) is a visitor of the widowed Rebecca (Mary Ann's mother) in 1881.
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John and Edward Badger appear to be the sons of Zachariah Badger and Cinamenta/Linamenta Smith. Both born in Sedgeley but John was baptised in Watford, Northamptonshire.