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William and Rosehannah Waite, Wold Walk, Hall Green.

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William and Rosehannah Waite were shopkeepers and lived at 9 Wold Walk, Hall Green, Birmingham. They were known to be there between 1939 and 1955. Had a son Bernard J and daughter Dorothy E. Has anyone any information on the family or type of shop that they ran. An information greatfully received.


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The nearest online directory is 1940 but there is no trade entry nor shopkeeper entry for W or R Waite. There is an Annie Waite and also a Roland Waite. That is all.
I used a Birmingham directory but some parts of Hall Green came under Worcestershire and I am not sure when they changed
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I cannot find Wold Walk in directories, though William Waite is listed as at Wold Walk in the online 1945 electoral rolls , which I thought only covered Birmingham


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At 9 Wold Walk on e rolls (not all years are online):
1939, 1945 & 1950 William and Kathleen
1957 has William and Eva
In 1935 William and Kathleen are at 1 Brunswick Place, Coventry Road, Yardley.

There is a marriage in 1932 of William Waite to a Kathleen Milner and in 1953 to an Eva Waite (possibly already changed name to his??)
1939 register has William, Kathleen, Dorothy E and one blanked out name at 9 Wold walk - he is listed as store keeper (heavy work) - I would have taken this to be a store keeper in a factory or similar rather than a shop keeper but I may be wrong.


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Rosehannah Waite appears on the 1950 e roll at 105 Speedwell Road with Ernest and Dorothy E Morley (is this the former Dorothy e Waite??)