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Wikipedia page for cinema proprietor Joseph Cohen

Kate Bham

proper brummie kid

Does anyone here have Wikipedia experience? John Cohen, the grandson of Joseph Cohen, has been trying to publish a Wikipedia about his grandfather however, because he is a relative Wikipedia won't allow the submission.

John Cohen has produced a great resource here:

Scrapbook and newspaper clippings:

"The Electric is a well-loved fixture in Birmingham's film scene, but did you know that it was once part of a small empire? Energetic entrepreneur Joseph Cohen started out in the film trade with the News Theatre on Birmingham High Street, and by the end of the 1930s he had a stable of newsreel cinemas across the country including London, Manchester and Bristol. Many of them gathered their own news, as you can see from the image above, taken outside the Electric (then Tatler)."

BFI mention: https://player.bfi.org.uk/free/film/watch-birmingham-centenary-pageant-1938-1938-online

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master brummie
Its very likely he would have known Oscar Deutch and Michael Balcon as well as the Joseph family. Many Jewish businessmen had interests in cinemas