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Where is this?


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Yes definitely the Bull Ring, looking towards the old Market Hall from St Martins Churchyard. Probably pre-WW2 as the Market Hall still looks like it has its roof. Viv.


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Not sure about the other vehicles, but the bus suggests a post 1950 date. The buildings in the background, however, suggest 1960's.
Those hoardings, in the churchyard, seem to have been there a while; they may give a clue to the approximate date.
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Nobody has mentioned that the street on the left, where there's a Bedford CA van parked in the 1st photo and is pedestrianised in the later one, is Spiceal Street, so named because spices were sold there many years before.


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I guess the most interesting and famous place in Spiceal Street was the Woolworth store, with it many counters and restaurant.
There are many threads here which reference Woolworth stores.