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Where did your families come from?

Lynda Harvey

Brummie Born and Bred
I was thinking about our origins, especially life before Birmingham.
My Harris family didn't arrive in Brum until the 1860's from near the Cotswolds, and the McCormicks arrived in the 1840's from Ireland. Mom and Dad lived in Birmingham all of their lives, until they finally moved to Telford in 1990.
The Harris's lived in Overbury in Worcestershire from the early 1700 where they started to migrate throughout England and Wales and even some to Australia (by fair means or foul).
Birmingham seems to have had the best of them though, as the first one was my Dads grandfather. None of my immediate family are in Brum now, but I have you lot to keep me warm and up to date on things.
All of us must have quite a varied ancestry. So where did your families come from?


master brummie
Mine come from Cornwall, via Bristol, and then they went on to Liverpool, depositing a son in Birmingham (hence me!). I do have some Warwickshire ancestors, but I think it is the Nuneaton area that they actually come from originally. One branch from Stratford upon Avon, too. Another line come from the Cotswolds - Frampton upon Severn and Chipping Campden in particular. One branch went to Australia in the 1840's, and in more recent years some to America and some to Canada. I am still digging.


G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
My moms family came from Cubbington and before that I think it was Moreton Morrow or something like that. I am not sure about my dads side though and I really must look into it. Jean.


master brummie
I was thinking about our origins ...
The Harris's lived in Overbury in Worcestershire from the early 1700 ...
All of us must have quite a varied ancestry. So where did your families come from?
One branch of my family, Surman, lived in Overbury for many generations too. They must have known each other and perhaps we are related even although I don't have a Harris in my tree yet.


master brummie
My nans side of the family came from Galway Ireland in 1890 and my grandads side all came from Wolverhampton, I would like to visit Galway, must put that on my list of places to go.


gone but not forgotten
my mothers side of the family orinate from london glocestershire pershore cow honeybourne evershsm
where they mulitifyed and took over the lands and villages then moving into brum to set up bussiness and a political carreer
which was made by there sibbling my mothers side meaning her fathers family only
my own personal father was the son of a yorkshire man i am told dont know whether or not if is truth

john bev

master brummie
When I started my family research I thought I would find my family would come from Wales with the surname Bevan. But in fact from as early as 1760 My Dad's family Bevan come from Sutton Coldfield. On my mothers side The Hanks family come from Tardebigge in Worcestershire.


master brummie
Mother Manchester, Father London. Grandfather, Fathers side, started Scientific manufacturing company near to Tucker Eyelet on the Walsall road Perry Barr, presume my Father moved to Birmingham to join the company (never new him as my parents divorced when I was six months old), altogether now SHAME.


master brummie
Having difficulty tracing my fathers family but my mothers maternal Grand parents (my Gt Grand parents) were from Koblenz, Germany, I remember during WW2 being told not to mention the fact at school. His name was Eric Muller so I was probably named after him. Eric
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Big Gee

master brummie
My distant ancestors on my mother's side came to England from Belgium during the Huguenot persecution at the end of the 17th century. They settled in Whitechapel first, and then some of them moved to Worcestershire around Ettington. There are still family graves in Ettington churcyard. My mother's father was the first to move to Brum, for work.
My father's mother's family came from Portsea Island; don't know where his father came from, but we think Essex. How they came to be in Brum I don't think even my dad knew. People moved around in those days much more than we might think.

Big Gee


master brummie
My perternal grandfathe was born in Salford lancashire and my father was born in Cotheridge Worcester. That makes me a first generation Brummie. On my mothers side grt grt grandparents all born Birmingham.

Anne Watton

master brummie
Hi Jean, It was probably Morton Morrell. My ancestors the Dobbins' clan were reputedly Anglo Saxons who settled in Gloucs and carved a chalk horse in the hills which still exists. One of my GG Grandfathers John Carr was a professional clog dancer and features on Wikipaedia. The Dobbins' then moved to Worcester, Broadway and surrounding areas growing Asparagus and ended up in Birmingham as a coal merchants. As Dobbins is such an unusual name it is relatively easy to research. (Just glad it was my Mom's maiden name and not mine, had enough strife with the middle name Winifred)


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
Paternal Grandmother's family came from Polesworth and Birmingham (Her father's family came to brum after 1845 but before 1851) (Her mother's family were in Brum in 1821 and before).

Maternal Grandmother's family came from Portsea/Alverstoke (Portsmouth) and Gosport area (However the family in the 1700's came from Houghton in Hampshire, that was before they changed the spelling of the name from Kew to Quew).

Paternal Grandfather's family were from Cheshire although his mother was born Leitrim Ireland.

Maternal Grandfather was from Birkenhead although again his mother was born Ireland and his father born in Kent.

A real mixed bag... LOL:)


master brummie
Dads family - Payne -originated in Blockley, Worcestershire, in the 1820's, as far back as I have gone so far, but there is also Irish in the family, his Gran - Reddy - was from Dublin, came to Birmingham to stay with her Uncle and met and married Grandad. Moms family on her moms side - Tisdale - have all Brummie origin, but if I have traced it back properly, her dads side Marston seem to be from Coventry.Not having much joy with hubbys family though, Meredith is quite common and have no idea where they came from, other than that they were in Alum Rock or thereabouts in the late 30's.


Dads family - Payne -originated in Blockley, Worcestershire
Sistersue, our families may have been neighbours as I have found our Webb family going back to 1500 at Blockley. More recent, 1881, William Webb, Hangman’s Hall, Blockley.


Ex-pat Brummie
My father's side came from South Worcestershire (Longdon) via Upper Landywood (South Staffordshire) and my mother's side from Darlaston (Staffordshire) and, if you go back to the 1300s, Ayrshire in Scotland.

Maurice :cool:


master brummie
Maternal routes are in Kent...but her ancestors lived in Essex till 1812. Father, a brummie born and bred,his father a journeyman from Shropshire and my great grandfather was from Pontadawe in S Wales.


on my Paternal side my Family originated from around Rock in Worcester, one was a collier living in Rock and having visited it's all farm land as some were farm labourer, but the collier stood out, and the local pub on the main road is called the Colliers Arms, I then found a old map from the 1800's and across the road from the pub the fields were pitted with holes, like a WW1 battlefield. Also a gtgtgt Uncle moved to Wellington where he married and the village he lived in near where they make the tanks now called Telford was also a WW1 battlefield, pitted with both coal and iron mines, now there are houses on the site.
On the Maternal side my g Father came from South Africa, but on my g Mothers side Lincolnshire and Derbyshire.
My g Mother on the paternal side came from North Staffs and were Colliers, she came to Brum during WW1 to do munition work, Story is my gtgt Father came to Brum to marry his Aunty, she was the same age. but that's only from reading the records, my gtgtgt Mother came from Leominster as did my gtgt Mother with the same Father. weird that.