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where are we coming from (redditch)


master brummie
In the morning I use my desktop in the spare room surrounded by mess , clutter ,DAB radio(BBC7) and coffee machine. It makes Alf's place look pristine. At other times I sit in the lounge with my old temperamental laptop (and the Mrs.)


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Untidy David I've just had a tidy up last September for my Birthday

Thats my other Alf :D

Jean you mean you have time to play games in between writing to the Forum
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master brummie
I did have a computer desk in spare bedroom, brought it down to lounge. Mrs said it looked ugly. I (secretly) thought same, so sold it and hid the computer where it is now. My printers and scanners are in the side board. I also sit elsewhere with my laptop warming my knees and have used it in garden shed, also found out I can log on in a neighbour's house 150yds away.


Brum visitor who stayed.
I have to admire the the high standard of computing areas seen here. I WOULDN'T HAVE ROOM TO HIDE THE CLOBBER THAT SURROUNDS MY MINE so a pic is out of the question - I'm sure I've got a bottle of Grouse in here somewhere :dft006:

Dave Bath

master brummie
I have kept out of this thread as I am too embarrassed to show my work place. I will try to clear up but I doubt I'll post a picture just yet as the dustmen don't come till Friday!!


master brummie
Well I'm down in the basement...usually with the kids around me but at the mo its me, the computer and the puppy sitting on my lap to keep me warm:)



master brummie
Back to computers. I keep getting this error message - do you think my computer is trying to tell me something?


Staff member
lol dave...you dropped yerself in it there....kaz has the little pink sign under her name.....:rolleyes:

hope you are well..


Dave Bath

master brummie
I am the WIFE:p
Apologies Kaz for my gender bender. Not such a nice name for your hubby!
I should talk - when I'm sitting at my pc I have a stomach on my lap!

At least I now know what those funny symbols are on the posts. Got one for myself now.