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What type of motor cycle?


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I have at last found the photo that started this thread and have reposted as an edit.

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My money's on it being a fanny Barnett (Francis Barnett). You can just about see the FB logo on the magneto cover. Found this photo of a 1929 Model 18 172cc which has a few differences to the photo but, not enough to dissuade me.
Incidentally, my first motorbike which I bought in 1962 was a 1957 Francis Barnett Plover.


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My money's on the Francis Barnett too. Girder forks, ridged back end and a hand gear change


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Panther were motorcycles produced between 1904 and 1968. The company began in Cleckheaton, Yorkshire, as Phelon and Moore. The restored one above was built in 1938, but re-registered March 1998 (FXA is one of several "age related" plates issued by the DVLA to old vehicles restored for road use that have lost their original registrations). Looks a very nice rebuild!


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i have a friend in brum who has bought one. he is a menber of B.O.F.C. he keeps telling me too get another bike. i tell him no i am too old now. he said we can put stabaliser wheels on the back. :grinning: