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What is the Parish Church for Ketley Bank?


Brummie babby
My ancestor, Sarah Appleby nee France, lived in Birmingham (Deritend and Bordesley) from 1827 to 1852. in the 1851 England Census it records her 1811 birthplace as Coal Pit Bank, Shropshire, now known as Ketley Bank.
I cannot find a parish church that might hold baptismal records for Coal Pit Bank for 1811. Any suggestions or ideas?


master brummie
It looks like St Mary's in Ketley wasn't erected until 1838.

Leebotwood seems a little distant unless there's a reason. Father's name is listed as Isaac, any Isaac's in the family?

Wellington is close but it might just be a case of checking the surrounding parishes unfortunately.


Brummie babby
Dear Brummies: Thank you all for your advice and information. I have spent the day working your ideas. I pursued Carolina's idea of the Sarah France in Leebotwood. I have a subscription to findmypast.com, so I checked the details. There is a whole family of Frances, parents Isaac and Hannah. The Sarah France birthyear (1811) works perfectly. However, Leebotwood is about 25 miles from Coal Pit Bank(aka Ketley Bank). So it stretches credibility a bit. But I found two of the children had their surnames listed as Francis rather than France and that got me thinking.
I checked Wombridge births for Sarah Francis and I found one in 1809 to Thomas and Mary Francis with a brother James, born in 1805. This is the parish where I think Coal Pit Bank was (just a mile or two away).
Here is the problem: None of the names of the siblings in either family match any of those of Sarah France Appleby's children or the grandchildren I know of.
So I am still not convinced I have the right folks.
But I sure appreciate all your help. I still remember fondly my visit to Birmingham a few years ago and hours spent in the genealogical records office. Thanks, again.
Cliff, the Ontarian.
PS: I am willing to do a few findmypast.com lookups for others.


master brummie
There is always the possibility that she was not baptised!! However, there is a Sarah Francis (on Ancestry but only the index not the record) baptised on 24 Feb 1811 at Lilleshall in Shropshire - about 8 miles away. Parents Joseph and Jane.



Brummie babby
Janice: When you cannot find a record you never know if you have not looked in the right place, or if the record simply does not exist! The absence of a record is the black thought that gets louder and louder in the back of your mind, the longer you search with no result.

Anyway, thanks for your suggestion. I found a total of five baptisms for Sarah Francis in Shropshire between 1807 and 1811. The one from Lilleshall has no familiar names. The only one with familiar names (William and Elizabeth) is from Shrewsbury, over 17 miles away. There are too many close possibilities to choose from. Maybe something will crop up a few years from now. I look forward to visiting Ketley Bank on our next trip to the Birmingham area. Thanks, again.
Cliff, the Ontarian.


knowlegable brummie
There were also churches at Red Lake and Holy Trinity, Oakengates although this only dates from Victorian Times.

They are under the control of the Diocese of Lichfield


Sandy Brook


Brummie babby
Thanks, Carolina. I usually have ancestry.ca, findmypast.com and familysearch.org open at the same time and flip back and forth constantly to see if each site will give another piece of the pie. Often it works, sometimes, not so much!
Cliff, the Ontarian