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What do you watch on tv nowadays ?


Ex-pat Brummie

Somewhat off topic, but talking of silly names in your post #256, I read today that Duke Ellington's piano teacher was a Mrs Clinkscales - true!

Maurice :cool:


master brummie
wmOnjm,have had Netflix for over 12 months through my S/law.Saw a good film with Micheal Caine about a bank robbery with Morgan Freeman excellent.But a lot are in my opinion a load of rubbish. Wouldn't know aboutAmazon Prime
Edifi Get yourself on to Talking Pictures freeview 81 , sky 328 . All the old films from your youth, whats more it's free


master brummie
Watched 2 episodes of Hello Hello last night,never laughed so much for ages (especially the policeman ) on Yesterday TV. Today's scriptwriters don't know how to write comedy like that.Not a swear word in sight just clean fun. :yum:yum:yum
Daft humorous fun, lots of double entendres, plus Viki Michelle, oo la la. :heart_eyes:


master brummie
I`m watching the latest remake of Lost In Space, The Good Doctor, Chicago Med, The Resident. All American, all excellent.

Bob Davis

Bob Davis
I have been waiting for Wendy Lee to tell us that her favourite programme is of course Nothing to Declare Australia as all those Chinese try to smuggle in suitcases full of food. But a question, there was Armand & Michaela Dennis doing animals and Hans & Lotte ????? doing water. What was their last name. Question arose because on Radio 4 extra this morning on an old 'I'm sorry I'll read that again' they did a send up of them.



master brummie
I start typing hans and lotte into Google and it put their last name in the search box before I finished typing ....
I already knew it but I checked with big Google before posting ... :cool: