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Webster street


Born a Brummie
Does anyone remember the Marshall family of 7 court 2 Webster street? There was George and Carrie Marshall and at least one child called Dorothy. I believe Carrie moved to Erdington sometime in the 60's and Dorothy married and went to Wales. I would love any imformation on this family. Thank you all.

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Rowan, as promised I asked my sister if she knew Dorothy Marshall, she remembered her as a very nice person and she worked at Newey Bros.
Summer Lane, at the same time but in a different office, unfortunately she doesn't know who Dorothy married or any other useful information I can pass on.


Born a Brummie
Many thanks Sylvia for asking about Dorothy and also thanks to your sister. Hopefully someone will come up with something.

Thank you again, such lovely people on this site :iccle-angel: