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Wealth I have

  • Thread starter Robert Harrison
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Robert Harrison

What need have I of worldly wealth?
Collecting royalties from published work.
Works, which finish upon someone's shelf
Accumulating cobwebs and Nubian dessert.

What need have I of publisher's demands?
That I should be required to alter this and that.
Why allow myself to be shackled in iron bands
Then have to be subservient at the drop of a hat?

The world is at my fingertips and what I type
I give to those who read a free gift, no charge,
But to enjoy or dislike that which I lovingly write
For I am as free as a bird an ambassador at large.

What need have I of worldly wealth?
Money cannot buy feelings that are within us.
Stats prove our poems to be in the best of health
So I say to the publishers "I have nothing to discuss".

Wealth I have to be able to express my feelings
Wealth I have to be able to express my mind
Wealth I have to be able to give some healing
Wealth I have to be able to give back in kind.


Robert, Great poem, well thought out, my book on poetry I published it myself
Which was very satisfying as I had one special edition bound with leather just for my wife, it was a labour of love which took me two years and now they are at the four corners of the earth.
I had a very rich friend who asked me why I bought antiques I told him I like to..........
He said "why buy a Rolex I have a fake one worth a few dollars and my money is in the bank earning interest and no one can tell its fake".
He lived his life knowing he had 23 million in the bank and right up to his last breathe was still counting his money............Me I don't give a damn about money and buy what I want as you only have one life. But if you don't want to live like a monk possessions can make you happy but again I have given more away than what I own.
You do not own any material thing you are just the guardian your thoughts are the only thing that no one can take from you when you die they die with you
But think what would happen if you left a bag of thoughts behind..........their would be a lot of unhappy people

Robert Harrison

Enjoyed your comments Cromwell. Maybe the thoughts that we leave behind could be thoughts of wisdom, but I expect there would still be a lot of unhappy worldly people.

I enjoy all of your work my friend.



One day when I'm old, a little voice is going to say to me 'Well, are you happy with how you've lived your life'?
It's important I am able to say 'yes'
So far, so good.

Robert Harrison

I think that there will be very few who will so NO to the same question Kandor. There is a possiblity that some will ask Could I have been happier if only I had...


Robert I hope you don't mind me posting at this point some of my favorite words which I have altered slightly.......... some Great Words which I have never forgot

Happiness is to have enough for the day's needs,
With always some to spare for those who have none
It is to possess the love of friends.
And to have the knowledge that all is well with them
It is to live in peace with all men,
And to have the strength to face with courage,
All that the day may bring,
Happiness is to cherish the gift of Laughter,
And the be quick to note all that is lovely and good


master brummie
Staff member
That works for me Cromwell..those words say a lot but we can't make people understand this at times. I don't think all the possessions people have these days makes them one bit happier. Your words mean what they say and are so very true. I was a rolling stone for years and saw a lot of things to make me want to live my life based along your words.

Robert Harrison

Wise words Cromwell, I understand the wisdom in all you said. I do try to live by them, though being human I do have to pull myself back on track at times.

Keep on writing all of you.

My love and respect to you all.