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Watkin, Hubert S., Alum Rock, Yardley and Small Heath


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Hubert Watkin worked at the Birmingham City Transport depot in Arthur Street, Small Heath. During the war years he lived in Bankdale Road, Alum Rock and then in Willclare Road, Yardley. He served in the Home Guard from 1940 to 1944. I have put a bit of information about him online here: https://www.staffshomeguard.co.uk/DotherReminiscences1243132Warks.htm

The owner of the material which I have published is anxious to make contact with any relative/descendant of this gentleman and if any member knows something about his family, I should be very grateful for a comment.



master brummie
Hubert Simpson Watkin (b1910 Bham) was the son of Hubert Arthur Watkin and Maud Rowley.

Hubert Arthur Watkin was born 1884 in Bham, Maud Rowley was born in Australia in 1880ish. Marriage registered 1907 Bham.

Apart from Hubert Simpson, Hubert Arthur and Maud appear to have had 2 daughters - Marjorie Lucy Eveline (b1908 Bham) and Clarice Maud (b1911 Bham)

Hubert Simpson married Doris Elizabeth Nicholls (b1907 Bham?) registered Bham N 1931.

Marjorie married married Henry Stephens (b1904) registered Bham 1934.

Clarice married Ralph William Sandland (b1908 Bham) registered Bham 1934.

There are no Watkin/Nicholls children or Stephens/Watkin children registered locally and only one Sandland/Watkin child.

In the 1939 register they are all living in Bham. However there is one person who is officially closed living with Hubert & Doris and 2 living with Ralph & Clarice.

Hubert Arthur's death is registered Cardiff 1957.

Maud's is registered Cardiff 1957.

Doris Elizabeth's is registered Bham 2000.

Marjorie's is registered Bham 1949.

Clarice's is registered South Glamorgan 1980.


master brummie
So it looks like Hubert Simpson had no children and only one nephew, unless his wife or either of his sisters had children before they were married. Who the officially closed people/children are in 1939 I don't know.

If you search for Sandland/Watkin children on any of the ancestry sites you should find the nephew.

All of which I hope is of some use.


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Thank you very much for that wonderful information, MWS. I shall pass it on to the material's owner, in the hope that it will give them some useful leads.

I shall report back as and when any further progress is made.



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To add to the above...

Ralph Sandland and Clarice Watkin had one son, Terrence Paul Sandland, born 1939, died 2009. He had two sons: Mark Lincoln Sandland, born Oct 28th 1968, (myself) and Matthew Sandland, born 24th August 1969 (my brother).