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Washwood Heath Road


Brummie Dude
Been past there a thousand times and I never knew there was a police station there. Those lovely big houses a bit further up, before Leigh Road, must have been well to do in there time.
wasn't the council offices in one of the big houses.


master brummie
Great photo. In 1961 when I first married We lived in a flat right next to the bridge ,St Marks was the other side I remember the crockery trembled when the trains went by.
The shops were wonderful,the one I lived over sold lino and carpets,it was owned by the shop across the other side next to the police station (Ernie Lucas Hardware)

Only just noticed this post, and I remember the shop very well, as it was a second hand goods shop
in the 70s/80s run by an Irish guy called Mick. I visited it daily whilst I was working at the Met, as I
was a keen record collector at the time, and Mick always seemed to have plenty of fresh stock.
Coincidentally before I moved to Norfolk, I did a carboot to get rid of a load of things I didn't want
to take with me, and Mick visited my stall. I hadn't seen him for 32 years, and he hadn't changed a bit.
I wish I could say the same for me!
I remember how that shop used to vibrate when trains passed too.
The last time I passed the shop it was a religious centre.

I also remember Washwood Heath Police Station, having received a caution there in my
naughty youth.

Kind regards


master brummie
Does anyone remember Scattergoods the travel agents .Booked all our coach trips with them,even overnight to Torquay