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Warwickshire regiment


master brummie
Hello, I wonder if this is the right forum for a start but Im wondering how I can find out which part of the Royal Warwickshire regiment my gt granfather was in. He was born in 1891, would he have been too old to be in WWII, did the Warks regiment exist in WWII. My granddad said he went to Ypres, was that WWI or WWII?

Many thanks

Alan Tucker

master brummie
He could have served in some capacity in both World Wars but was 23 in 1914 so served in the First World War. To say he was at Ypres does not help. 15 battalions of the Warwicks served on the Western Front, many in the Ypres Salient.

First step - visit the Long Long Trail web site and find help sections on tracking down a soldier. First step - download a medal index card from the National Archives web site.


master brummie
The only one I can find is Regimental No. 28600 George A Howell, Royal Warwickshire Regiment.
He doesn't have the 1914 or 1915 star medal, so either didn't join up straight away or its the wrong man.
You might be able to get help from the RWR museum, I don't know what personal records remain.

The Royal Warwickshire Regiment Museum
(later The Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers)
St John's House
CV34 4NF

Tel: 01926 491 653

Here's 28600's medal card.
View attachment 44037

Alan Tucker

master brummie
Lloyd's name fits. As he did not receive the 14/15 Star he did not arrive in theatre until January 1916 at the earliest. So....
1. He was not an original volunteer in 1914
2. May have joined as a volunteer in 1915 but not in time to join any of the 11 battalions already in France/Belgium by the end of 1915 or to go out with them when they initially crossed the Channel
3. May have joined as one of the last volunteers to join any of the 15 battalions which served on the Western Front as part of a reinforcement draft
4. May have been a Derby scheme man and therefore conscripted from 1916 onwards. Could have been posted to any of the 15 battalions. This begs the question why a 23 year old in 1914 did not join up earlier.


master brummie
There is a George Arthur Howell on the 1918 electoral roll for absent voters reg number 28600 Pte RWR at 4 Court 21 Park Lane Aston Ward


master brummie
Dear all, thanks for all your replies. i think this is gt grandad as my grandad said they lived in park lane. and thanks for the medal card, brilliant.


master brummie
That's a great photo,my Dad could have been in that lot, he was over there in June 1940
with the BeF..regards dereklcg