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Warwickshire Cricket Club - Frank & Arthur Foster!


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Can anyone please help me find any information on Frank Foster (1889-1958) who played County Cricket for Warwickshire (there is a possibility he may of played for England as well?!) Do you think the club would still have records of him playing for them and photo's?

Also it is understood that Arthur Foster played one match for WCC as well in 1914!
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norfolk brummie

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Around 68 years ago, after his demob, my father was an agent fund raising for Warwickshire County Cricket Club. This was in the form of
a sweepstake, and did indeed raise thousands of pounds for post war club benefits. There were either weekly or monthly cash prizes for all who entered this sweepstake. I do remember that they were very good cash prizes.

My question is: Does it still exist? Perhaps someone out there would have some answers, and I would love to know. Eddie