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Wallis Family


master brummie
Can someone help me with an 1861 Census lookup please.

I'm looking for a Wallis family living I believe in the Birmingham area. Based on the 1851 Census, the names & ages in 1861 would be:
* Thomas Wallis - aged 70.
* Jane Wallis - aged 46, probably born outside Birmingham/Warwickshire.
* Stephen Wallis - aged 26.
* Ellen Wallis - aged 25.
* Joseph C Wallis - aged 23.
* Rachel Wallis - aged 21.
* Adelaide S Wallis - aged 18.
* William N Wallis - aged 16.
* Ann Wallis - aged 60.
* Any other occupants?

I expect some of the older children would have left home by 1861 & wouldn't therefore be living with the family.

I would like to know the address where they were living, relationships, confirmation of the ages, occupations, where born.

Enumeration district & parish details would also be helpful so that I can look at the image at B'ham Library.

Thanks in anticipation.


true brummie
i think this may be some of the family living george st. aston in 1861

thomas wallis 70 proprietor of houses b.bham
sophia wallis (wife) 45
frederick 26 gardener
william 16 wood turner
ellen langsford (daughter) widow. 25
adelaide 19
rebecca 14
walter langsford (grandson) 4 b. carlisle
jane langsford (granddaughter) 6 mths b. hartshill

martha white 16 house servant.

all the wallis`s born bham


true brummie
theres a joseph wallis aged 24 living park lane, aston with his wife emily aged 25 both b. bham. josephs occupation is listed as "nothing"!


true brummie
theres a marriage at st. martins bham 23 apr 1858

thomas wallis . full age. widower. gentleman. nechells green. father stephen wallis. gentleman
to sophia smith. full age. spinster. birmingham. father william smith. innkeeper.


master brummie

Thanks very much.

From the names & ages of some of the family, it appears to be the Wallis's I'm looking for. They were also living in George Street in the 1851 Census so that also seems to confirm it's the same family.

However, the 1861 information also raises a number of queries:
* Is Sophia Wallis (wife) aged 45 the same person as Jane Wallis (wife), aged 36 in the 1851 Census? Maybe she was Sophia Jane Wallis or Jane Sophia Wallis. Does the 1861 give any other initials & what is her birthplace stated to be (in the 1851 Census she was stated as being born in South Wales)?
* Is Frederick stated to be a Wallis & what is his relationship to Thomas stated to be? There's nobody of that name with the family in the 1851 Census although there was a Stephen F Wallis aged 16 (& the International Genealogical Index has a Stephen Frederick Wallis born 23/06/1834, son of Thomas & Jane Wallis, baptised in the Parish of St Philips B'ham), who doesn't appear in the 1861, so maybe it's the same person.
* There's also no Rebecca Wallis in the 1851. Again, is she stated to be a Wallis & what is her relationship to Thomas stated to be?

Does the 1861 Census give an address in George Street?

Also, I understand you have access to the entries in the parish registers of St Martin. If you do, the IGI has a marriage entry for a Thomas Wallis to an Ann Ridsdell on 20/01/1813. Could you give me the details for that entry including ages, condition, occupation, residence at time of marriage, parents names & occupations.

Thanks in anticipation.



master brummie
Frederick is listed as "son",Rebecca listed as "daughter" and there is no number for the George St address.
In the 1851 census,there is a Rebecca Wallis aged 3 and a Walter Wallis aged 1 living with John and Mary Lowe in Washwood,Saltley.They are described as being "at nurse" on the census.


true brummie
hi ronald. the sophia wallis is not the same person as jane wallis. i did list the marriage in 1858 of thomas to sophia. there are two possible deaths for jane wallis both aston (1855 and 1857) so it will be one of those.

the other marriage you asked for - details as follows

thomas wallis of this parish bachelor and ann ridsdell of this parish spinster were married in this church by licence with consent of john ridsdell the natural and lawful father of ann ridsdell this 20th day of january 1813. they both signed their names, and the witnesses were william higginbotham and sarah humphreys.


master brummie
Thanks Ladylinda & Shera for your replies.

Could you tell me please what "gentleman", "proprietor of houses" & "at nurse" mean?

Also, does the 1813 marriage entry for Thomas Wallis & Ann Ridsdell (above) give any details about Thomas's parents, abode etc?




true brummie
your last question about the marriage details at st. martins - the info i gave you is all that is on the certificate in those early years although you will have seen that when thomas wallis was married to sophia smith, he listed his father as stephen wallis, gentleman.

im not certain about the terms but my guess is, gentleman - a man of means, ie with money. proprietor of houses - owner of houses who probably rented them out, and at nurse - a child looked after by a nanny. i hope someone else will come up with their own ideas as to the meanings.


gone but not forgotten
Arther jelfs family members as one of these lhelped my gRAND FATHER AT PARK LANE ASTON CROSS


true brummie
had a look at kellys directory for arthur jelfs in 1963 and 1964 and he is living at 62 burnham road. hope this helps you astonian :)


gone but not forgotten
How are you keeping fine i hope at the moment i am abit under the weather just of late
but any way as long you are okay ,thats what matters , my mate
She; is burnam rd any where near the alum rock rd, possiblely any where near the old leyland social club,
i hope you do not mind me , asking was there any other members of the family living there
with him.at that address, its really important for me ,on this occasion
it would really solve a mystry to me to know whom was living there
my mother did say that she thought it was in the alum rock area,
around that time or around 67 ,-69, in the telephone directory .it stated A.E . JELF CROCERY HIRE
Rear of 235 ,park lane aston x birmingham 6, and when my mother seen this , she said he must have traced
his brother down after near on fifty years to help with his bussiness
my mother never ever seen this aurther since she ws a little whpper snapper, because of marrying my
father, whom the jelfs did not like ,for varyious reasons,the only one she ever knew and seen over the years was the ther brother william , [ bill as she called him ] whom handled all his bussines when he was ill
but any way cutting the story short , she thought it was alum rock rd
so going on the stengh of that is burnam rd around that area
many thanks again shera if its possible you could just confirm to me about any other relatie at the same time resided there it would be brillient , as there is a querrie i have to conclude before finishing my book
i look forewarded to hearing from you soon
have a nice day shera and look after your self . bet wishes ASTONIAN;;;


true brummie
sorry to hear you are not so well astonian, anyway you are right about the crockery hire as in the 1966/67 kellys directory it says A. Jelf Ltd. crockery hire service, 912 Alum Rock Rd.

there was still a Arth. R. Jelfs at 62 Burnham Rd. but this was Kingstanding area. sorry astonian, i cant tell you who else lived there, as only the head of house was listed.


gone but not forgotten
Many thanks for doing this for me you are a true friend, and you do not have to say sory to me
i do understand you can only give what you have got
and now i can confirm that it was alum rock and it matches up to all the theorys
and my jig saw is coming to an end regarding the park lane sarga ;
thanks a million yet again shera , best wishes astonian ;;;