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W & T Avery Roll of Honour?


proper brummie kid
Did W & T Avery's Soho Foundry Site have a Roll of Honour/War Memorial. If they did, does anyone know what happened to it or have any photographs of it. I am interested to discover, if as a former employee of the company who died of wounds in 1915, if my Great Grandfather George White is on it.

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master brummie
Checked on line - the Avery Roll of Honour used to be on display in the Avery Museum. This closed years ago. According to the Imperial War Museum [https://www.iwm.org.uk/memorials/item/memorial/52264] the Roll of Honour it is still on site at the Soho Foundry, Foundry Lane, Sandwell B66 2LP. There is a G. White on the roll. You could try contacting them to see if you can go & see it if they still have it. Phone no. 0845 307 0314.


proper brummie kid
Thank you for your posts, pleased to see there is a Roll of Honour and that George appears to be on it.
I have tried to enlarge one of the photo's (casualties are in shorter the central column), but I can't quite make it clear enough to read, even with a magnifying glass. I will certainly call them at the site and try to arrange a viewing, I assume if that's possible I may have to wait until Birmingham comes out of Tier 3.