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Vyse Street JEWELLERS??


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I wonder if anyone can tell me how many (& names if possible) Jewellery factories there were in VYSE STREET around 1910 Please?? Many thanks, Margaret.


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Probably 95 % or more of the buildings in Vyse St then were jewellery factories or workshops. What are you looking for?


Proud to be a Brummie !!
Wow! Thank you guys for this info..I will stop looking right now!! Actually I am trying to help someone in NZ who had grandparents working in the jewellery trade in Vyse Street around 1910...all she knows is that the factory was divided into 3 sections called "A" "P" & "C" , she has no idea of the name of the firm which is why I posted my question. I don't suppose it is worth her buying a book on the jewellery quarter either other than it will give her an idea as to how these firms looked. Thank you for your help, I do appreciate it very much. Margaret.


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Hopefully this will work and you will see two pages from the 1908 directory


  • Vyse Street 1909  part one.jpg
    Vyse Street 1909 part one.jpg
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  • Vyse Street 1909  part two.jpg
    Vyse Street 1909 part two.jpg
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