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Vintage TV

Lynda Harvey

Brummie Born and Bred
Has anyone come across this channel? Its on 369 on Sky as called Vintage TV.:cool: I'm not a big pop music fan, although I will sometimes listen while I'm working in the morning. My sister put me on to this channel as it plays music from the different decades whilst showing news clips from that day. Some of its ok and certainly worth a glance.:0431:



master brummie
Lynda, Yes I have it and when I get my recording equipment sorted out I have promised myself to record and edit to DVD.


master brummie
Ive watched the channel on and off since before Christmas, but I find that they repeat quite a lot of the programmes. But apart from that, its quite good.

norfolk brummie

gone but not forgotten
Just watched a piece of vintage TV......Fawlty Towers, a tribute to Andrew Sachs.

The episode where Basil wins money on the horses, and the hotel guest that complains about the view from her window. "What would you like to see, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, herds of wilderbeeste swarming across the plain?"....asks Basil.

Watched this episode many times, and still find it to be some of the greatest TV comedy made.

Makes one realise that TV comedy seems to have lost some of its true characters, writers, and actors.

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