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Village " Wine Making " ( Greece ). Painting By Roy Blakey.


master brummie
Your paintings are really excellent, if I may say so......I might consider visiting Corfu in the future.


Ex-pat Brummie

Lovely paintings, although I am not familiar with Corfu. Having said that, most Greek villages. are much alike once you start wandering around the back streets. Variations depend upon the flatness or the hilliness of the individual village, the time of year, and the weather at the instant of painting the scene. It's a pity that we have no way of communicating the wonderful smells/scents/perfumes from the wild herbs given off at certain times of the year. And I trust that you sampled those local wines thoroughly on your holiday! :)

One other comment that I am sure many will agree with. I am continually amazed at all the creative talent that we have on this Forum. Keep it up.