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Villa Cross Cinema


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In posts #37,38, and 39, Photobucket have put their water mark across the pics. I've stripped their watermark off the pics and put copies below. These could be moved to the original posts if others are seeing the watermarks on the original pics.
they have now been copied to original posts
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Yes I went a few times in the 50's, cannot remember what films though ! Eric

had a wonderful interior eric.. sadly the likes we will never seen again last film i saw there was true grit...there is no room now for great architects whos names will be remembered.. same with interior designers and made to last materials...anyone can design nowadays and throw up a building in a matter of weeks only to be demolished 50 years later and this comes from my american son in law who although a modern day architect he can appreciate old architecture and can not believe the magnificent historical buildings this city has raised to the ground..moan over :D

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