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Video Upload


Exiled Brummie
Caught the Chiltern line train up to have lunch with an old work colleague at our favourite place - Rajdoot at the bottom of George Street. I've been going there, as well as when they were in Albert Street for nearly 40 years.
I took a video on my phone of the arrival into Morr St station but I can't upload it as it says it's too large (about 1min 30secs.). I normally use IrfanView to resize pics for posting online but it can't handle the MP4 software. Anyone have any others they can recommend?


ell brown on Flickr
No problem, looks good. Today I was on a crowded 2 carriage Class 172 towards Worcester Shrub Hill (only got a bit more empty as it headed towards the Black Country and Worcestershire). Nice and air conditioned though.


master brummie
Why is it that some people always take video on their phone with it held vertically? Add to that it gets posted to somewhere that fills it to fit a horizontal screen with black bars.

Bob Davis

Bob Davis
How lucky you are, Saturday in August and GWR put on a Class 143 (two coach DMU) for a Saturday Barnstaple - Exeter train. They are crowded enough outside the holiday season, however GWR have advised us that it is not their fault that we are suffering old trains with insufficient room and we have got to put up with it for a bit. Last year we had a two car class 152 with a single DMU(150 I think) added to make a three car train, but apparently these had to be sent elsewhere. Two years ago one of the railway magazines talked about more modern trains being cascaded down to GWR for the West Country.


master brummie
You should remember, Bob, that anywhere away from the large conurbations of England means you live in uncharted territory, i.e. 'the sticks' or 'boonies' for Stateside readers. :D