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Verity's Limited


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At a auction, recently, I have found a picture, in a box lot, of two men posed in front of Niagara Falls, the American side.On the back of the photo a inscription reads "Geo Verity & his father of Verity's Electric Co Ltd London Birmingham, at Niagara Falls possibly about 1890 or shortly after". Any interest for your archive?


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I have only just found this post after researching my grandfathers WW1 service. He was discharged from the Army only a month after joining due to vital war work at Verity's Ltd of Birmingham. However he did rejoin later as he was in the newly formed RAF at the end of the war. Unfortunately I don't know any more than that.


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One of my first jobs was with Payne and Partners, Thornhill Road, Solihull which produced hand made light fittings, making pieces for Marks and Spencer and also producing a new fibre optic light product called 'Dentilite.. Most of the machinery was very old by early 1970's standards- belt driven lathes, hand presses and a large diffusion copier which smelled strongly of ammonia when in use. I was told that most of it had come from Veritys Maxlume. One particular tall, antiquated fly press was treated with caution as the slots on the ball weights had become very worn and were prone to flying off if the press handle was swung too vigorously! Consequently, we would always pack the weights with newspaper before using it.
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hello edward...any photos that you could add to this thread would be great...thank you



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Yes, I worked at Verity's around 1965, in the assembly shop. Mr. Reg Withers was the supervisor. The plating shop was next door and emitted quite a strong odour of chemicals!


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Thanks, I have been following the progress of SS Freshspring since when it was first moved to Sharpness for repairs.

I am also involved saving a steam engine project too.