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I'm looking for any information anyone can give me about the Veraca family, I understand they had a family flower business in Birmingham in the 1920/ 30's. I have seen a post which gave the name Lily Varaca, it gave her age as probably 78/79 years in 2011. I also know there was an Elizabeth Veraca but she would not still be alive now.


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Just a few names for you

Lavinia Veraca of 54 Lynton Road Birmingham 6 wife of Alexander Veraca died 5th Dec 1951 Administration Birmingham 14th Jan 1952 to the said Alexander foreman at Cabinet Makers 754 pounds 12 shillings and 4 pence

Veraca or Veracca Joseph of 322 Halesowen Road Old Hill Staffordshire died 5th May 1953 probate Birmingham 15th July to Edith widow Veraca and henry Veraca bookmakers clerk effects 1270 pounds

Alexander Veraca of 54 Lynton Road died 18th April 1958 at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital administration Birmingham 4th April 1960 to Vera Holland wife of Hugh Holland effects 902 pounds 14 shillings 1 pence

Frank Veraca died of 24 Dimsdale Road Birmingham died 27th July 1961 administration 12th September Minnie Gladys wife effects 400 pounds 11 shillings

Edith Veraca died of St Annes Winslade Road Sidmouth Widow Devon died 11th March 1962 Ex Vale Hospital Exminster Devon Aministration wiith will Exeter 14 th November 1962 to Pauline Mary Vicarage wife of George effects 1500 pounds 2 shillings and 5 pence

Leah Elizabeth Vicara of 54 Naseby Road Alum Rock Birmingham widow died 22nd July 1961 administration Birmingham 3rd May 1962 to Leah Christine Williams married woman effects 1526 pound

These Veraca are Ice Cream Vendors

45 Banbury Street census signed by Christine the widowed daughter and grandchildren are listed as Veracas but are Volante

Veraca Mary Ice cream vendor married 36 years 12 children 1 died born Italy
Joseph Veraca son age 34 single assisting born Italy
Johanna Volante daughter age 30 widow married 3 years 2 children born and alive housemaid born Birmingham
Christine Veraca dau single age 22 pen grinder at Perry born Birmingham
Madeline Veraca dau age 18 press worker at Twigg and Beeson born Birmingham
Beatrice Veraca dau age 15 single machinist at Hindes born Birmingham
Leah Veraca dau age 11 born Birmingham
Louisa Veraca dau age 9 born Birmingham
Mary Volante granddaughter age 5 Birmingham
Antony Volante grandson age 4 born Philadephia USA
George Thomas servant age 41 Birmingham

128 Scolefield Road Nechels

Peter Veraca age 32 commission agent born Birmingham
Leah Shaw Veraca wife married 9 years born 4 children 2 still alive Birmingham
Leah Christine dau age 51/2 Birmingham
Peter son age 2 Birmingham

House 6 6 court Bartholomew Street

Frank Veraca age 29 Hawker all born Birmingham
Elizabeth wife age 29 married 7 years born 2 children still alive
Elizabeth dau age 6
Frank son age 6 months

13 Dudley Street Old Hill Staffordshire
Peter Varaca age 59 Ice cream Vendor married born Italy
Henry Veraca son age 26 married Ice Cream Vendor Birmingham
CHarles Cotteril servant age 66 widow Ice cream vendor Birmingham
Thomas Wilson age 38 single servant Ice Cream Vendor Dublin

12 Bartholomew Street

Phobe Smith age 58 head widow New Foundland married 31 years no children
Henry Veraca age 25 married he has been crossed out this henry is with father in Dudley Street
Jane Veraca age 26 Brass Polisher married 6 years 4 children 2 still alive all born Birmingham
Henry Veraca age 3 dead crossed out
Joe Veraca age 14 months dead crossed out
Ernest Veraca age 2
Madelaine Veraca age 7 months

Lynn P Curtis born 1942 mothers maiden name Veracca Sutton Coldfield



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There is no Varaca listed in Kellys for 1921 or 1932. the only Varaca ;isted on the online electoral roll for Birmingham (which only lists some years 1910-1965) is Henry Varaca , who is on th esupplementary list for 1919 (meaning he is not at home but in military service), who is listed as 272462 Dvr. C Block R.F.A. and who's home address is listed as 54 Bartholemew st


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My wife (Vicki b) started this search hoping to trace my fathers mothers side,her maiden name was Elizabeth Veraca & she was married to
Walter Batchelor living in the Kingstanding area circa 1930/40's,Elizabeth had a sister Kathleen & a brother Frank. My father now 85 has memories of selling flowers on New street station aged 8/9 with his grandma Veraca. I know Elizabeth & Walter split up early in the late 1930's/early40's after having 4 children together. I'm now hoping to trace the Veraca side of my family,here's hoping,Keith Batchelor.


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I wonder if they had altered their name slightly as there was always an ice cream van called Verracia


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There was a Elizabeth Veraca Florist in 1940.



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The Veraca family in post 2 living in 6ct,6house Bartholomew Street appear to be your family Vicki,

Frank Veraca married Elizabeth Hill in 1904 but he is listed as Frank Verrechia on the marriage entry,
after the birth of Elizabeth and Frank there were further children
Kathleen 1912
Bernard 1914
Joseph 1917.
I believe the 2 boys may have died in 1914 and 1918.

All of the Veraca clan appear to have changed their names.
The family at 45 Banbury Street are all called Verrechia in 1901 headed by father Pasquale.

the marriage certificate of Frank and Elizabeth will give more info. about Frank including his fathers anme and occupation.
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I'm looking for any information anyone can give me about the Veraca family, I understand they had a family flower business in Birmingham in the 1920/ 30's. I have seen a post which gave the name Lily Varaca, it gave her age as probably 78/79 years in 2011. I also know there was an Elizabeth Veraca but she would not still be alive now.


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Have been researching the Verrecchia family for some years and have just joined this Forum in an attempt to find descendants of family members who lived in Bordesley Street, Birmingham in about 1875. The Veraca name could well be a shortened form of Verrecchia. They made ice cream and originate from the Cassino area of Italy.


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I think that the Mary Veraca listed in 1911 Census is related to my Mum as many of the children's names and dates match my research from Ancestry. They were definitely Verrecchias and came to England about 1870/71. The Mary Verrecchia I have is listed as a niece of Pasquale Verrecchia (Mum's Grandfathers brother)and living with Pasquale and Mary his wife in New Canal Street, Birmingham in 1891- age 22 which fits with your 1911 entry. Pasquale and Filippo (my gggf) came to England with their cousins in about 1871. The brothers married two sisters (also Verrecchias) Mary and Rosa. They were living in Bordesley Street, Birmingham in the1881 Census.