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Van Allen


Born a Brummie
This dress that I am wearing came from Van Allen it was navy blue with white trimming. I felt the bees knees when I wore it on this day trip to Weston with my young sons.

I think I bought it in Cheltenham when I was living there. (cant be sure of that the old grey cells are a little greyer nowadays)

Elizabeth Redmond

Was the white trim like little flowers by any chance,it looks fab anyway

Elizabeth Redmond

My sister had one just like that,oh clothes were so nice then


master brummie
Hi Everyone,
My sister Pat told me about the Van Allan thread,
My first job in the 70's was at Hiltons as a junior in the coat dept, then progressing to the Bridal floor which was a lovely place to work our manageress was Mrs Daly.
Hiltons was taken over by Van Allan, when that happened all the floors were changed, downstairs in the basement we had a boutique called Just Eve, ground floor was coats, first floor was dresses and bridal ,second floor was warehouse ,third floor was the offices and staff room.
The other Van Allan stores were in New St about where Clarkes shoes is now. And on the Bridge link there were two shops almost opposite one another one was a boutique the other was fashion and Bridal. This has bought back some happy memories, Sandra

a s wood

master brummie
I remember Van Allans in the Bull Ring. My friends and I would haunt the town every Saturday, with no money just dreaming.

Elizabeth Redmond

It was a thing we done in our teens window shopping,very enjoyable,every Saturday,and then a plate of chips or a bowl of soup in Woolies that was the cheapest thing you could get.

Roger Haynes

New Member
As a relatively young man I used to run the main office of Van Allan initially in London and then at Enderby in Leicester.
I was at the opening of the Bull Ring Shop and whilst there recall I rugby tackled a shoplifter from another shop as he began to run through the Bull Ring.
The Just Eve Boutiques were added to many of the shops, often where there were basements.
Van Allan took over a number of other store groups and shops. Had about 150 shops throughout the UK.
I married the manageress of the Eastbourne shop and 45 years later we are still together.
Eventually the company was taken over after I had left. I now live in New Zealand.