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V&A HEELEY Bloomsbury Birmingham

Geoff Dye

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V&A Heeley of Bloomsbury Birmingham
Hi I have a label from the above, Family Ale.It shows medals won from 1908 to 1912. Does anyone have information on the company? Did they brew or just bottle? regards Geoff


master brummie
Heeley is mentioned in this thread:


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V & A Heeley were an ale & porter bottler at 138 Scholefield ST . In the 1904 Kellys (which refer to 1903) the site was listed as Charles Alma Boot, beer retailer, but the #V & A Heeley were listed there in the 1908 edition (which related to 1907) till the 1933 edition (which referred to 1932), but had gone by the 1936 edition (referring to 1935)


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I couldn't find any mention in the London Gazette, but the following announcement appeared in both the Birmingham Mail and the Birmingham Daily Gazette on 20 November 1915.

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