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US Base Pheasey Estate


master brummie
Most of the kids where I lived had never met foreigners and the Pheasey americans were among the first foreigners we had ever seen. They spoke just like in the films, wore smart uniforms and of course they gave us sweets and chewing gum. Some of them however often caused trouble in the local pubs.

But the first foreigners we actually met (just about) were captured german airforce prisoners who were temporarily dumped on a nearby field with soldiers guarding them. We had been told to keep away but crept down back gardens to see them.
We stared at them and they stared back. A few smiled and amazed us by asking in broken english for cigarettes. Germany at the time appeared to be winning the war so most were probably thinking they would soon be free.

The next foreigners we met were hundreds of prisoners in Sutton Park and I remember thinking at the time that the two foot high wooden palin fence around them would not keep them in. We were by that time winning the war and felt superior so could outwardly be friendly ... :)