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Uploading Pics From Mobile Phone


master brummie
I've occasionally attempted to upload pics from my phone but the upload has failed at the last minute. To get round this I've used various phone apps to reduce the file size but the whole process is cumbersome. A quick workaround (on a samsung)is to select the pic in your photo gallery, take a screenshot, crop any unwanted backround and save. The file size is significantly reduced and can then be uploaded from screenshots


master brummie
When you say "upload" do you mean download from a phone to a computer?

Any photo taken on an Android mobile phone is also uploaded to Google Photos on the internet.

You can easily download the photo from Google Photos to your computer as follows (these instructions for Windows).

Logon to Google / gmail with the same email address you use on your phone.

In the top right select on the 9 small dots that are in a square (3x3)

A number of icons are shown, select Photos.

This will show all the photos that have been uploaded from your phone to Google Photos.

Click on any photo then the 3 dots in the top right.

Select the Download option.

The photo will be downloaded to the "Download" folder (if you have the default settings in Windows)

Any problems just ask for help.


master brummie
Hi, the problem described related to attaching a picture file to a BHF post while using roaming data on my phone while abroad . The file stored in both locations were each 5.2MB and needed to be resized to attach to the BHF post. By attaching a screen shot instead of the original picture the file size was reduced to 496KB and attached to the post without any issues.


master brummie
I upload photos from my iPhone7 running iOS 13.4 as follows

1)Type the text for the post.
2)Tap the forum 'attach' button.

This brings up a choice
Take Photo
Photo Library

3)I usually choose Photo Library ... where my photos are and select one.
4)File size of iPhone photos are usually very large.
5)If so the file size is stated and an option to reduce size is offered.

Actual Size 2.2Mb ... too large for the forum

6)I chose Medium 136KB ... but large gives the best pics.
7)Tap 'Done'
8)Forum offers choice Thumbnail or Full Image
9)I usually tap Full Image ...
10)Tap 'Post Reply'
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master brummie
The image I uploaded in #5 directly from my iPhone is actually the first time I have ever done it from my latest phone.
I have Microsoft's OneDrive app in the phone and a tap on pic or video offers the option to upload directly to Win 10 where I can edit file sizes etc. Automatic uploads from phone to Win 10 can be set so that all pics taken on a day-out can be viewed on a laptop when I get back home.
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