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Colin Richards


Caught in a war
undeclared and unknown.
Self loyalty supreme
ones faith forgotten.

A single objective
with promised reward.
Incursion by air
extraction by road.

Languages vary
yet orders obeyed.
No more the glory
from deaths first bite.

Nowhere to run
now fear is the key.
Invincibility flown
despite weapons supreme.

Plans go amiss
as paid soldiers die.
Blood stains the ground
while men's cries subdue.

Lost and alone
the tall grass hides all.
Yet still can be heard
sounds of pursuit.

Rustle razor sharp grass
dark faces appear.
Instantly dying
of bullets unleashed.

To late to see
not pursuers nor men.
But innocents of war
in refugee flight.

Horror and remorse
adrenaline can’t hide.
A mind closes down
and senses fall numb..

Deep in the psyche
a place to hide.
While the body lives on
in time ticking hell.

As eons pass, phantoms
within dreams hover.
Is vengeance their crave
or escape for the soul.

Screams fill the night
that past moment in life
returns in full fury
a conscience to right

Robert Harrison

We cannot escape the memory of it all can we Colin.
But life goes on my old china, life goes on.


master brummie
This is a major effort. Would it be Viet Nam inspired? Loved the words and the form of the poem. Got to give it two thumbs up but if I had three I would give the soccer one the extra thumb. Well done.