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unable to find...


master brummie
Could someone please double check my family in 1881 for me?
I have looked a few times now and cannot find the family at this point.
Family would be
Jonathan Payne (sometimes spelt Pain) b 1826 in Blockley, Worcs.
Charlotte, his wife, b1828 Shipston-on-Stour
and their younger children,
Kate aged 16 - have found a possible link for her in service though.
Albert aged 11 or 12.
The other 4 children are away and I have tracked them all except Eliza, who would probably be married as she would be 29 years of age
Thanks a lot


master brummie
i have just had a quick look and cant see him in 1881, found a death certificate and some further info for the children on ancestry
i will try again later unless some one beats me to it


master brummie
on his death certifcate the witness at time of his death was a eliza davey could that be his daughter?

Gill Wiseman

knowlegable brummie
Think I have found them in 1891.
Jonathan aged 66 (born 1825) with wife Charlotte 64 (born 1827)
Living in Paxford, Blockley.
Hope this helps


true brummie
i have found them in 1881 - they had been transcribed as "rays" . not surprising as it is terrible writing on the original

living in blockley

jonathon 53, charlotte 52 and albert 10


master brummie
Thanks all, that would explain why I couldn't find them as Payne I guess!!
Zircon, will look into the Eliza Davey but yes, could be the eldest daughter.
Thanks again everyone


master brummie
i can not find a marriage for eliza and anyone named davey at the moment so she is a bit of a mystery

There is someone who is researched the family on ancestry and shows albert married a margaret reddy they had 6 children the last who died in 1997

if you have an ancestry subscription its worth a look, if you havent i would suggest get hold of a copy of family tree maker 2010 which includes a 6 month subcription to ancestry

also according to the igi jonathans parents where a william and elizabeth payne

i hope this helps you in your research



master brummie
thanks for that and the3 message on Ancestry.
The original research I did, but my subscription lapsed and hubby decided he would take advantage of the free trial to look at his family again, so I decided to have another look at my research.
Albert was my great-grandad and must have had a very interesting life, as he married in USA, when visiting his sister Kate, to Maggie. His children were my great aunts and uncles, who brought my dad up, dad remembers him, but says Albert never talked about the past to him, sad really, as we know the family were estranged nd as other members will know, dad never knew he had other relatives living.