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Tyburn Road Factories

Pete R

I can confirm the Concentric Pumps facts. They had several sites around Sutton & Erdington. I had several friends who worked in these factories. Mostly making fuel pumps for industries. The small unit opposite the Tyburn House PH held a few of my mates, and, in the late 70s/early 80s, when they were on Lates, they'd stand at the window to watch the 3 or 4 of us who worked at Kings of Birmingham Superbike Centres racing each other back home to Tamworth at about 6.25pm.
The Big unit at this point was the Cincinnatti Works, next to the canal.

John Emms

New Member
My father was a toolmaker at BIP Tyburn road in WW11, I have a pic of Christmas party about 1946-7 held in that building.I can remember the Canal at the back of the building, and in the war there was rail line placed in front from ground to top of building as protection from bomb blast, also one night in a rade a bomb went of in front of the building in Tyburn road and dad said a car was sent over the buildings ending up in the canal.