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Tyburn Road Bus Works


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If there is one former Birmingham Transport garage that seems to spoken about more than any other location across Birmingham then it must be the Tyburn Rd Works.

For those that worked there it was always a hub of activity where highest standards of repairs and mantainance to both bodywork and engines took place. It has been said that the team had all of the skills to build a whole bus from scratch - and after some accident repairs they handled - they pretty much did just that.

It has now been 25 years since this iconic location closed down and a few people have decided to meet up and discuss the good old days. You don’t have to be a former employee of ‘The Works’ all are welcome.

Of course, if you have any old photographs, memorabilia or even just fond memories of the Tyburn Rd Works please do take them along with you.

The reunion is planned to take place on Saturday 1 July from 2pm at The Malt House in Central Birmingham, close to the Barclaycard Arena. See you all there.


Brummie babby
I've just joined the forum today, and am chuffed to see that huge effort saved something of the Tyburn Road works, and it's not all gone forever, because my great grandfather worked there in the 1930's and 1940's as a body / coachbuilder. I never knew him as he died many years before I was born. Grandad tells us he was a shop steward, then was promoted to a Foreman in around 1948. If anyone's got any really early photos from back then, or recognise him from any photos from back then (see attached photo with him aged in his 30's and 40's. I'd be really delighted to see them. Many thanks! JR.png


Brummie babby
Thanks Aston Lad. I have looked really closely at everyone in the photos but I can't seem to identify anyone who looks like Gt Grandad. As he lived down in Balsall Heath perhaps he didn't travel back up to his old works very often, or didn't play billiards, or was just camera shy! I sent the images to my Dad, he'll probably show Grandad, but he might not be able to see so well anymore... I'm sure it'll please him to know that the coat of arms was saved, though. :)