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Turner's Arms

Old Boy

master brummie
Funny Phil, I can only remember drinking in the Turner's Arms once,in 1959 on my 21st birthday. I think Dad and I were sent out of the house so the ladies were able to get on with the arrangements.
Can't remember too many of the details but I woke up in my upstairs bedroom next day. To my surprise Dad had given me the fireman's lift as I had passed out !
Cheers Tim.
Hi Tim,
God help dad when he arrived home with you on his back.I bet that you did not get many "Happy Birthdays" either.
Chris Beresford (Old Boy)

tim eborn

master brummie
Sorry Old Boy if I gave the wrong impression. We only went up to the pub for a couple of pints as it was just before lunch and they were open 12.00 'til 2.30 if memory serves me well.
After lunch I got changed, went across town to pick up the girlfriend then the gay and hearty started about 7.00.
I thought I was stone cold sober between then and waking up next morning.
Cheer Tim.

Alexander Rawlins

knowlegable brummie
Hi, The Turners Arms was one of the many local pubs for me as I lived in Tillingham St where we lived opposite an Ansell off license. Turner St. had two pubs, at the corner with Highgate Rd there was The Junction Hotel and at the Ladypool Rd corner The Turners Arms.
As kids we used to race our bikes down Tillingham St, left into Ladypool Rd and back up Turner St. One day I took the corner of Ladypool Rd far too wide, hit the kerb and ended up almost going through the door on the right hand side which was for the lounge. It always seemed to be open during trading hours and one of our friends mother "Big Lil" used to sit just inside as a sort of fixture.
I left Brum in 1961 and it was trading then. On a visit back in 1978 the area was being flattened and only Tillingham St Motors seemed to be trading.
The sycamore tree planted by my parents was about the only other thing I could recognize.

Hi Tim. How interesting. My family lived at 40 Tillingham Street - Horace and Bertha Harward and their daughter Dorothy. Horace died in 1963 and Dorothy moved away at that time. I don't suppose you remember them at all?



tim eborn

master brummie
Hi Alexander , sorry to say can't recall your family. As I said in a post last night I must have lived in my own self centered bubble. In my memory's minds eye I think I could go right to no 40 as I lived in the street for 23 years and had a paper round which included the street and locales. Guess if I didn't have a friend there the house was in some sort of mist.
Cheers, and with regrets, Tim.


New Member
Thank you everyone who has contributed to this thread. It is great to see photographs of where my Dad lived and hear people's memories.
Research on my family ancestry has led me to this forum and your posts about the Turners Arms - as Marie Davies was my Grandmother ! I’m the daughter of Marie’s eldest son William - known as Bill. I thought I’d make contact to see if you’d like to share old photos - I don't have many but a few may be of interest to you. Let me know if you’d like to get in touch, Pam Cooke ( nee Round )
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master brummie
1950 electoral roll lists Harold, Marinda and Robert at 108 - the Turners Arms, Turner Street Sparkbrook.
I have recently been given this photograph by a family member who contacted me via the forum. My grandparents Harold and Marinda Davies outside the Turners Arms Not sure of a date. Post war to Mid 50s? Thank you to the forum for connecting me to a long lost cousin.


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