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Trouble with Error 2378


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
High fellow Skypers :)

I've had so much trouble with Skype this week, I usually leave it on and this week I switched it off for one reason or the other, that was alright I thought but try what I may I couldn't get it back.

So I had to sign up as a new member, this happened twice and I got a error code 2378, which I looked up and its something to do with Windows 7. But if I don't switch it off everything's OK.
If anyone could help with Error 2378 it would be appreciated:thumbsup:

Then my Son George used my computer and switched it off so I had to sign as a new member again.

So has I have a new handle now you can contact me if you wish by my new, alfred W Buckley one.

Sorry I haven't been in touch now you know why.:D

So lets get Skyping again