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Transcribing Censuses

Lady Penelope

master brummie
I'm actually tracing Rudolphus Boswell on the attached Staffordshire census from 1861 - he appears on the 1851 census for Boldmere, then the Coldfield, but I have been sidetracked by the unusual gypsy names especially of the Lovells. Can anyone read the fourth name down (beneath Alfred) and the 11th one, above Cinderella please?

Lady Penelope

master brummie
No Lyn, I had a senior moment. My son rang and I pressed post reply before I meant to. Oh dear! I've just added it.


master brummie
There are records on Ancestry and Family Search for a
Lovall, born Tipton 1831. The Ancestry one is a a submitted Family Tree.

I know the census shows him born Aldbourne, Worcester, but Aldbourne is in Wiltshire. Could it have been a mishearing of Harborne? Was Harborne in Worcestershire at that time?

Lady Penelope

master brummie
Thanks Ken R,

I found a site with this particular census on and they listed the names as:

1. Sampson, Sarah, Alfred and Ingram Boswell. (so Jukebox was right about the Ingram)

2. Celly and Speedwelly Lovell

3. Enoch, Emma, Keomi and Cashmere Lovell

4. Struddveras, Cinderella and Mochas Lovell

5. Alfred, Selina and John Boswell

6. McKenzie, Sarah, Zealand, Kenzilea Boswell

7. Rudolphus, Tranetta, Caroline, Orlando, Zuby, John and Rebecca Boswell

I'm just wondering if there was a bit of mis-hearing on the part of the enumerator and I think Keomi is probably Naomi. I'll have a look at Ancestry. I did try but didn't get very far.

Thanks to you both.


Super Moderator
Staff member
Lady P, I don't know if they are part of the family you are tracing but I know someone whose Grandmother was Madonna Boswell she married a member of another Romany family Kirkland in Stoke on Trent.in 1911( Madonnas parents were Orlando Gibbs Boswell and Madonna Bagguley)
The Boswells and Kirklands were amongst Romany families who lived in caravans in north Street, Hanley.
I believe there is a museum in Spalding Lincolnshire dedicated to the Romany families run by a Boswell family.

Lady Penelope

master brummie
Thank you Alberta. Yes, I believe that Orlando is Rudolphus's son. I found the travellers by accident when I was looking at the census for a different reason but thought it might be interesting to look into them a bit further. He's aged one on the 1851 census and appears as Orlanda rather than Orlando. In 1851 Boldmere was sparsely populated with only three farms, the RC chapel and the girls and infants school (building still there). They probably pitched there to give themselves access to Sutton and Erdington as it's mid-way between the two.