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Tram Route 31, Dudley Road And Heath Street Info Any Pics?


master brummie
Hi all

If there's any info on the above or pics I would love to know.

What was the route of the tram and where was the terminus?

I'm looking for pics as at 139 Dudley Road my relations had a general store until 1917 appx, and the tram mentioned in the title went past the premises.


master brummie
The tram route origins can be read in the link to Handsworth history.
However, the electric corporation 31 tram service, which was just over two and a half miles in length, started in 1906. The route designation was initially a letter, but all Birmingham tram routes were given numbers in 1915. The route was from Edmund Street, Congreve Street, Summer Row, Parade, Sandpits, Summer Hill Road, Spring Hill, Dudley Road, Heath Street, Cranford Street and Soho Street. The terminus was at Soho railway station. This continued until 30/9/39 when the trams were withdrawn from service and replaced by the B83 bus route which, until around 1971 when the city terminus was changed to Great Charles Street due to road changes in the city. At the end of June 1968 the B prefix was dropped. This resulted in some older bus destination blinds proclaiming - as they always had done BIRMINGHAM - SOHO via HEATH STREET and newer blinds on the new look front buses stating via DUDLEY ROAD. I don't know how long this was perpetuated.



master brummie
Thanks Radiorails, that is exactly the sort of info I wanted, really interesting and informative.