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Tram #2 and #26


Engineer Brummie
Converting the picture to a jpg is no problem but the wording on the back indicates that it is copyright so I would need moderator's advice before reposting


master brummie
A nice card, but sadly a distortion of facts. Tram route 2 to Erdington was never any where near Soho Road/Grove Lane. Route 26 did go to Oxhill Road until 1939 then replaced by 70 bus route. Actually tram routes 2 and 26 were on nodding acquaintance - albeit from the front of Snow hill station across to Steelhouse Lane. ;)


master brummie
I don't see why it cannot be uploaded stating that it is a painting by the artist. Looking at picture on the pdf it is the same junction (but not same view) as seen in a pic in the first post of the 'Soho Road Handsworth' thread
The one comment I would make is that the blue colour on the trams is wrong but maybe it faded during it's stay in the loft.


master brummie
I agree O M. It really needs the qualification you suggest. This Forum has a respectability for accurately recording the history of Birmingham and I know great efforts are made by most Members for that accuracy.


The buck stops here
Staff member
Mohawk is quite right, its ok providing we acknowledge the artist, thank you...