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Train To Brum For A Lunch Meet


Exiled Brummie
Caught the Chiltern line train up to have lunch with an old work colleague at our favourite place - Rajdoot at the bottom of George Street. I've been going there, as well as when they were in Albert Street for nearly 40 years.
I took a video on my phone of the arrival into Morr St station but I can't upload it as it says it's too large (about 1min 30secs.). I normally use IrfanView to resize pics for posting online but it can't handle the MP4 software. Anyone have any others they can recommend?
Anyway, while walking to the restaurant I took a couple of photos of some of Birmingham's cranes! Hope they're not too boring.
GeorgeSt_Holland St 3.7.18.jpg Newhall St_Fleet St 3.7.18.jpg Newhall St_Fleet St Opposite 3.7.18.jpg


Staff member
thanks david as you can see there are plenty of cranes dotted around the city now...hope you enjoyed your min meet... also hope to can nip in to say hi at the xmas meet up even though blues are at home that day:)



Ex-pat Brummie

Fine for me too and thanks for posting it. The passenger's eye view of Moor Street Station hasn't changed much at all since I last used it in the 1940s/1950s either for trainspotting or for going to Earlswood Lakes, though the rolling stock must have done so. I also notice a couple of old buildings in the early few seconds which I've seen featured on the Forum & must be in the Digbeth area.