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To Be or Not To Be…


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
To Be or Not To Be.‚.…

To Be or Not To Be.‚.…

You never had a chance at all
an embryo so very small

They needed you just as you were
to use your eyes for medical care

You may have grown so big and strong
in my view what they did was wrong

Your life was taken at that time
that life so easily could have been mine

If the decision had been made four years before
a decision made with in the law

I feel so sad about your plight
and sight or not you.‚.’re right to life

I know it.‚.’s not so in every case
some would not cope in this human race

But just like the siblings you would've had
I know you.‚.’d have coped young Bro.‚.’ and been a great lad.

This is in memory of the brother I never knew, I call him Emy ... My Mom who suffered guilt for years after, In those days she wasn't given a choice, just told that it was going to happen or given any counseling afterward and my Granddaughter who died at 10.1/2 months of S.I.D.S (Cot Death)
You will always see an :angel: at the bottom of my posts for them too...
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John Young

master brummie
"to suffer the sins,,,,"

:cry: You Pommie Mar,,,, Marey Helen,

Don,t bust up big strong guys with "Beautiful" stuff like this :oops:

Image in tatters now,,,,

Heh,,,He would have coped Well, a GREAT Sis to have on His side,


master brummie
I understand

Lovely poem I feel and see beyond the words ? May I take this opportunity to thank you for your kind comments about my poems
Spiritual Light & Love
Reggie :oops:


I found this a couple of months ago...it seems relevant

I hope it doesn't offend, but I think it shows the dilemma.


The buck stops here
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Re: To Be or Not To Be.‚.…

We are all here for you and your Mum, thank you for sharing with us.


Re: To Be or Not To Be.‚.…

I wish I could give you a big hug. :'(


master brummie
I recall reading this the first time around, and indeed the decisions that were made then would most certainly not be made now. I agree, your mom would have never gotten over it.

I have friends who have terminated healthy pregnacies on the grounds of their mental health  (the time wasnt right for their unplanned prenacy :(), and they have lived with guilt and pain, especially when they had their first pregnacy and child

I had a miscarrage between my two lovely boys, and the child would have been celebrating an 18th birthday September gone.....and I remembered to the day.........

Hopefully your Mom and Dad were able to place the blame exactly where it needed to be laid...........at the medical mans feet...........they were not given an informed choice, and it was not consent, they were made to feel guilty and felt they had no choice...........tragic :'(


Suebee - a big hug from me. Sad things happen in life, don't they? :(


Re: To Be or Not To Be.‚.…

Oh I see :(
that is really sad...I agree with Sue...it wasn't informed choice...that is a real problem with some situations even nowadays..
I used to do volunteer counselling in a pregnancy crisis centre, where we used to do free tests and then if the woman/couple were pregnant, and it was a problem, we would listen and inform them of alternatives to abortion...helping them to find out all the facts in order to make an informed choice of one kind or another...
many decided to keep their babies and brought them in to proudly show the counsellors later...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandaughter too :(...
it's good that you knew the sex of your brother though...and was able to give him a name



Re: To Be or Not To Be.‚.…

I feel so sorry for your Mom who would remember long after everyone else had forgotten. That you think of your brother and remember also is good and typical of the loving caring gel we know you are Chris. There is a big gap between my two for the same reason as Sue and I still remember as she does the exact times it all went wrong and how things may have been. I'm just grateful I have two smashing kids, but the pain is always there lurking in the depths of your mind.
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